At White Knight, we are passionate about mould removal. But what makes us different and why? 

Our CEO Phil Edwards has been fixing water damage and mould issues for nearly 40 years, both here in the UK and for 10 years in the USA. In addition to his extensive experience, Phil is still 'working on the job' and has all the necessary qualifications and certifications available on request. Phil's approach is personable and practical - he's not an alarmist or scare-mongerer, but will advise if your health is at risk. He trusts the scientific analysis from our enviroforensics laboratory but dovetails this with common sense and his vast experience in the results interpretation and reporting. The WHITE KNIGHT solution will always be proportional and appropriate for each individual circumstance. 
"I never recall having any mould, allergen or pollen related issues myself as a younger person but about 15 years ago, I recognised significant respiratory symptoms when being in areas with high levels of microbial activity. Despite wearing the best quality PPE and respiratory protection when performing mould surveys and mould remediation, there have been numerous situations where no visible mould was present and where I may have been exposed to higher levels of invisible bio-contaminants than my body could tolerate, which has led to an auto-immune response that now causes wheezing and makes me grab my respirator, even when I don't see any mould. 
I was diagnosed with cancer in 2021, so I have to be even more careful now and I fully understand the health concerns you could be facing but I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel; there are incredible advancements in products and technology that WHITE KNIGHT have invested in, that can remove harmful bio-hazards and return your home and possessions to pre-incident condition."  
That is why I'm passionate about our approach to mould removal. 


Secure zip pole containment & negative air HEPA 
air-scrubbers guarantee no cross contamination 
High quality PAPR and PPE equipment protects 
our engineers from bio-hazardous particulates 
Forensic investigations ensure that all hidden 
mould contamination is identified and removed 
Certified IICRC specialists follow strict mould 
removal protocols to HSE standards 
SteraMist® non-toxic medical grade disinfection 
provides the Gold Standard for bio-hazard elimination 
Mycometer surface and air analysis guarantees 
your return to a safe and healthy environment 

Contact us today to see how we can help with your mould problems  01536 682 300  

With our commitment to long-term risk management and ongoing support we are trusted by Home Owners, Property Managers, Surveyors, Builders and Insurers to deliver a common sense decontamination action plan and a value for money solution. 
Let our experienced team guide you through the steps we follow to ensure compliance with ANSI/IICRC S520, BSI PAS64:2013, HSE, COSHH, WHO and internationally recognised standards of duty of care to protect the health and well-being of people and to protect the environment with our non-toxic, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. 

Let OUR family help YOUR family 

All of this may sound quite daunting but our aim is to take the fear out of the situation.  
You can either call us, or simply complete the form opposite and we will call you back. 
We will explain everything in layman's terms, giving you a full understanding of the situation, helping you to feel comfortable and ensuring that any worries are alleviated. 
Here you can upload photos of your problem areas: 
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