Maintaining a clean indoor environment is essential in avoiding health issues. 
It’s an unfortunate truth, but over time, dust, dirt and grime builds up inside your home or workplace. This contamination is a by-product of us living our lives; whether it’s bringing dirt indoors from the street, pets with dusty coats or just spills or residues occurring as a result of our culinary masterpieces! There are lots of different activities and events that can generate ‘dirt’ and therefore the act of cleaning is important in maintaining a healthy and visually pleasing environment. 
Thankfully WHITE KNIGHT are on hand and offer a range of tailored, high quality cleaning services including: 
Carpet and Rug Cleaning 
Being a floor covering, it’s a given that carpets take a bit of a beating day in, day out and they are certainly subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Whether it’s a general build-up of dirt or a spillage or other accident that has affected your carpet, we have the specialist equipment and cleaning solutions to get it looking great again. For a general, full carpet clean we’ll perform a professional steam clean and for any stains we have a range of specialist cleaning solutions that will give the best chance of getting them out! Similarly, we have extensive experience of cleaning rugs – from Oriental and silk to modern rugs, we can professionally clean and restore them to the highest standards. 
Upholstery Cleaning 
Like your carpets, your upholstery (sofas and chairs) is likely to be subjected to frequent and heavy daily use. Over time it will build up dirt, become soiled and may even be subjected to spillages and staining. In more unfortunate cases, your upholstery may even become affected by a fire or flood event. Whatever the circumstances, we have the expertise, specialist equipment and cleaning solutions to give the best chance of restoring your furniture to its former glory! 
Commercial Contract Cleaning 
As a commercial business we know how important it is for you to maintain a clean, healthy and professional looking environment for your customers, employees, residents or service users. Whatever the type, size or scale of your business, we can tailor a bespoke cleaning programme to meet your needs and give your organisation the excellent cleaning service that it deserves. We are perfectly positioned and fully equipped to provide cleaning, deep cleaning and decontamination services for office premises, schools, care homes, hospitals, emergency service vehicles and other types of commercial and public service enterprise. 
Domestic Cleaning 
As with a commercial business, we also recognise and fully understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the home. Studies have shown that regular cleaning helps to promote better physical and mental health. By having a cleaner environment, the risk of allergies, asthma and illnesses can be minimised as the presence of dust, bacteria and other harmful pathogens is reduced. A clean environment also helps to keep away rodents, pests and bugs. If that’s not enough to improve your peace of mind, then a cleaner and tidier environment is also proven to reduce stress and help us relax. Whether you need help with routine domestic cleaning or have a more intensive requirement, we have the skills and expertise to ensure that your environment is clean and healthy. 


Following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the beginning of 2020, the phrase ‘Deep Cleaning’ has become a bit of a buzzword and it can be defined in many different ways depending on who you speak to. 
Some companies will use the phrase ‘deep clean’ to refer to a process where they will use different chemicals and types of application in an attempt to ‘kill’, remove or inactivate any harmful bacteria, virus or other pathogen. We urge all customers to select cleaning or deep cleaning contractors very carefully as some providers may use cleaning solutions containing harmful substances such as Acids, Ammonia or Chlorine. Such solutions may be used with the best intentions, however, can provide health risks such as respiratory issues and skin irritations. Some aggressive cleaning products of this nature can also be damaging to fixtures, fittings and other finishes within a property. 
WHITE KNIGHT defines the removal of, or preventative action against bacteria, viruses and other pathogens as ‘Decontamination’ and we ask that you refer to the ‘Decontamination’ section of our website for more information on our specialist services in this area. We only use eco-friendly methods and innovative cleaning solutions to provide these services, so there are no risks to health, property or possessions following our treatments. 
We also provide deep cleaning services and we define a ‘deep clean’ as an intensive and thorough clean of a given area – with a WHITE KNIGHT deep clean, all exposed surfaces that are susceptible to dust, grime or dirt build up are thoroughly cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our deep clean is completed from top to bottom and goes behind, under and above all objects such as furniture and cabinetry. All fixtures and fittings from door handles to skirtings, doors and door frames are cleaned to the highest standards. If you have a deep cleaning requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll put together a bespoke plan to fully meet your needs. 
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