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Our Mission

As a health and environment focused business, we have never been so excited about the vertical market applications for SteraMist. This revolutionary system is not only 100% safe but has the potential to save lives on a global scale, reducing cross-infection for all types of disease. COVID-19 is our focus today but long term sustainability without fogging disinfectant pollutants, is essential for our planet.

How It Works

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SteraMist inactivates pathogens by passing low concentration Hydrogen Peroxide (H₂O₂) over a cold plasma arc creating an ionised mist/gas that gets everywhere, hydroxyl ions seek out the deadly microbes and kill them in under 5 seconds, the mist converts to water and oxygen, leaving no residue. Treated spaces and vehicles are safe to use within minutes and being non corrosive, SteraMist can be used on any surface or material, even sensitive electronics

Competitor Comparison

'Deep Clean' Fogging  

  • ULV devices were designed to spray pesticides outdoors  not for human virus applications indoors

  • most leave harmful chlorine or ammonia poisons on touch surfaces

  • doesn't clean the air, air-conditioning units, vents or air ducts

  • unsafe to use on electrical items, computers, printers, phones, etc

  • caustic, corrosive and damaging to metal and sensitive equipment

Electrostatic Sprayers

  • surfaces must be substantially WET  for up to 1 hour

  • no scientific evidence that ESS reduces healthcare associated infections

  • produces a particle size >40 microns which delivers insufficient disinfectant

  • not a recommended method by any chemical manufacturers

  • leaves harmful chlorine or ammonia poisons on touch surfaces



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