Whether you're representing an organisation or are a private client, we offer specialist consultancy on mould, deep cleaning, decontamination, indoor air quality, fire and flood restoration. 
We offer specialist advice and guidance that is specifically tailored to your needs, using our extensive experience and expertise. 


Mould control 
Specialist deep cleaning 
Bio-Hazard decontamination 
Sewage decontamination 
Crime scene clean up 
Fire damage surveys 
Flood damage surveys 
Indoor air quality analysis 


WHITE KNIGHT provides consultancy services for all types of customers, from private landlords & domestic homeowners to major insurance companies, surveyors, loss adjusters, property managers and corporate organisations. So, whatever the size of your project or environmental issue, we have probably seen it before and are here to help, tailoring our services accordingly. 


When we are contacted by a client who requires our advice, guidance and consultancy services we will typically begin to undertake the following process: 


Client contacts WHITE KNIGHT via phone, e-mail, social media or Checkatrade 
WHITE KNIGHT team clarifies the issues that the client is facing – this usually involves the client answering some simple questions and providing images of the issue at hand 
WHITE KNIGHT team provides initial feedback to client and confirms costings for an initial inspection survey and any required testing 
Time and date for inspection survey is agreed 


One of our specialist environmental consultants will attend the property to be inspected 
Upon arrival, our consultant will speak with the client and provide a full explanation of what will happen during the inspection, including any testing that will be carried out 
Our consultant will then complete the inspection and any required testing to enable us to identify the route cause of the issue(s) 
Depending on the issue, the inspection and testing may include: 
Detailed visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the property 
Moisture survey of walls, floors and ceilings 
Measurement of air moisture and temperature 
Thermography survey 
Indoor air quality analysis – indicates airborne particulate contamination levels 
Sample testing and analysis (usually in the form of Hygiena ATP surface swab testing, Mycometer surface biomass sampling and / or Air-O-Cell sampling – additional fees may apply) 
In some cases an intrusive survey may be required to inspect void spaces within walls, floors, ceilings etc – should this be required, our consultant will give a clear explanation of what will need to happen 
Upon completion of the inspection, our consultant will discuss initial thoughts and findings with the client – this gives an indication of what will be included in our detailed environmental report. 


Following the inspection, the consultant will produce a full environmental report 
The report will include issues identified, the results of any completed sample testing, conclusions and recommendations for remedial action 
Reports are usually sent to the client within 1-5 working days, however can vary depending on complexity and samples analysis 
Our recommendations are impartial and may advise of the need to call in other trades, however there are many remediation services that we can provide directly – we will of course provide a highly competitive quote for these services 


As detailed throughout our website we offer a wide range of environmental clean-up based services including: 
Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning 
Domestic and commercial contract cleaning 
Mould remediation 
Fire remediation / restoration 
Flood remediation / restoration 
Decontamination (of sewage; bacteria, viruses and other pathogens; trauma, accident and crime scenes) 
If the identified issue(s) can be resolved by any of our services, as stated, we will provide a highly competitive quote and a detailed scope of works 
Upon agreement of the quote and scope, we will agree a start date and an estimated completion date 
Our expert technicians will then commence work and complete the project, keeping you fully updated every step of the way 
Our technicians will wear high quality PPE as required and may also need to install engineering controls to prevent cross-contamination within the property (this is dependent on the type of project being completed) – your safety and satisfaction are always our primary concern 


If your project is related to a microbial or contamination issue, we can check / validate our results by carrying out further sample testing to demonstrate that our works have been successful 
We have a purpose built lab at our technical facility in Corby, Northamptonshire, where we carry out a large proportion of our sample analysis. This ensures we have full control over the process and can turn results around quickly and efficiently. 
We also use trusted lab partners where we do not have the required facilities on site, ensuring that projects are tested and validated by fellow industry experts 
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